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International Standards at NCFU

Date of material placement: 21-10-2014, 14:44.

International Standards at NCFUValery Shapovalov (Director of Institute of Education & Social Sciences) and Sophia Shakirova (lecturer, Dept for Social technologies) attended the International Forum UNLOCKING OPPORTUNITIES – TAPPING THE POTENTIAL OF CROSS-SECTOR COLLABORATION, which was organized by the BMW Foundation (Germany) and the Association MitOst, supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Germany).

The purpose of the Forum is to contribute to improving the socio-political atmosphere favoring implementation of social innovation as well as detecting and promotion of long-term solutions for the issue. The event brought together over thirty experts representing Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey from public sector, business, and civil agencies.

The representatives of NCFU also held a number of meetings aiming at developing newer ideas on cooperation and mutual projects.

Besides, they also had meetings with Sebastian Wehrsig (Programme Manager of MitOst) discussing potential arrangements for the Second Summer School on social entrepreneurship to be held at NCFU.