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NCFU Among Top 50 Universities

Date of material placement: 17-09-2014, 15:30.

North-Caucasus Federal University is one of the top 50 Universities (area of Economics and Management), as ranked by the International Ranking Agency Expert RA.

The contest was a tough one and our University had a company of the best 100 Universities of Russia (2012-2014) – National Universities, Classical Universities, Federal Universities and other institutions involved in training Economists and Managers. The rating was based on large-scale polls (15,000 responses from 78 Regions of Russia) where the respondents represented the four major groups – teachers, academia, students, and graduates. The major focus was on the standard of training, the quality of scientific research, as well as the demand that the graduates enjoy in the labour market.

NCFU’s company is an impressive one, with the top 10 lines held by the leaders such as Moscow State University; National Research University Higher School of Economics; St. Petersburg State University, etc.

Even though the Stavropol Region can boast of being home to 56 educational institutions (51 of them offering training in Economics and Management) no other regional institutions was strong enough to join the list.

Congratulations! Job Well Done, NCFU!