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Date of material placement: 24-07-2014, 20:27 Category: University
Presidential Envoy Visiting NCFU
Sergey Melikov, Presidential Envoy at the North Caucasus Federal District, visited the largest University of the Region. The Envoy’s visit started with NCFU Scientific Library, where he, together with the Acting Governor Vladimir Vladimirov and NCFU Rector Alina Levitskaya came to see the reading rooms, rare books department and got to know about the scientific and educational online resources available to students.

Date of material placement: 24-07-2014, 19:35 Category: University
Delegation of Chángzhōu at NCFU
North-Caucasus Federal University had visitors from the city of Chángzhōu – the Chinese twin-city of Stavropol. The Chinese delegation included six people while the purpose of the visit was to discuss cooperation between the NCFU and the University of Chángzhōu, which is a multidisciplinary University (est. 1978) currently offering especially high-level training in Engineering.

Date of material placement: 15-07-2014, 11:10 Category: Student life
NCFU at Whale Festival
The Dance Studio EXTREME and Esmira Zhukova (Head of Vocal Group SOZVEZDIE) joined the famous Whale Festival in Ulsan (South Korea). Each year hundreds of people come to the city to witness a staged ancient whale hunt as well as a bright show and performances.

Date of material placement: 8-07-2014, 11:08 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Awarded High Title
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of NCFU, has got a Congratulation Letter appreciating the success our students achieved at the Open International Student Internet-Olympiad 2013-2014.