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Best Volunteers Named

Date of material placement: 14-05-2014, 12:15.

NCFU has announced the final results of the contest Volunteer of the Year:


3rdPlace – team of Kesnya Gorohova (Institute of Education and Social Sciences); Project – Cartoon Studio for Creativity Development in Youth

2ndPlace – Roman Maslyukov (Institute of Oil and Gas); Project – Hurry to Do Good!

1stPlace – Anna Kibalnikova (Institute of Economics & Management); Project – Gifts to Each Home.


3rdPlace – two teams of amateur photographers – Elena Pogorelova & Natalya Ryzhova; Photo – Spiritual Growth with Child Book (Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Yulia Korneeva (Institute of Economics & Management) and Alexander Obukhov (Institute of Construction, Transport
and Engineering); Photo – Attention is Priceless!

3rd Place – Maria Plotnikova; Photo – Birds’ friend (Institute of Humanities)

1st Place – Nadezhda seina; Photo – Generation of Winners (Institute of Education and Social Sciences)

The toughest competition was in the nomination BEST VOLUNTEER OF NCFU with over 40 candidates submitting their applications.

3rdPlace was awarded to three bright volunteers – Vladlena Sitnikova (NCFU Branch in Pyatigorsk), Alina Petrova (Institute of Education and Social Sciences), and Ksenya Chernobaeva (Institute of Humanities); Silver went to Natalya Son (NCFU Branch in Pyatigorsk), Alina Prasolova (Institute of Life Sciences), and Maria Plotnikova (Institute of Humanities), while Anna Kibalnikova (Institute of Economics & Management) was on the top!

Alexandrina Klyus

Head of Centre for Volunteer Initiatives

Best Volunteers NamedBest Volunteers NamedBest Volunteers NamedBest Volunteers NamedBest Volunteers Named