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Date of material placement: 30-05-2014, 00:00 Category: Scientific activity
IELTS (Academic Module) – Enrollment Announced
NCFU has announced enrollment in IELTS – Intensive Training Course (Academic Module). Duration of training – 2 weeks (96 hours / 4 classes per day).

Date of material placement: 29-05-2014, 12:11 Category: University
Federal Universities Sending their Congratulations to NCFU
NCFU is still receiving a good share of Happy Birthdays as it has just turned two. Students of two other Federal Universities – Kazan Federal University and North-Eastern Federal University send their special congratulations presented as videos.

Date of material placement: 29-05-2014, 00:00 Category: University
Welcome to Training Courses
 The NCFU Centre for Development of International Training Programmes is happy to invite the NCFU staff to the refresher courses NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN DESIGNING ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES: INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND RUSSIAN REALITY; special invited lecturer – Alessio Surian (University of Padua, Italy). 

Date of material placement: 29-05-2014, 00:00 Category: University
NCFU Turning Two Years Old!
NCFU had a bright celebration of its second birthday, which came along with two serious events.

Date of material placement: 28-05-2014, 00:00 Category: University
NCFU Successfully Completes Public Accreditation
The external commission has finished its work at the NCFU, which was part of the public accreditation for two sets of academic programmes. 

Date of material placement: 27-05-2014, 00:00 Category: Student life
Auto-Lady of Stavropol-2014 comes from NCFU
Ekaterina Archakova, a 5th year student (Institute of Humanities) came to win the contest Auto-Lady of Stavropol-2014 held by the Department for Traffic Police of Stavropol.

Date of material placement: 27-05-2014, 00:00 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Students Trained in Hungary
2nd year Master’s students majoring in History (Institute of Humanities, NCFU) went through field placement for research training at the Kaposvár University of Hungary.   

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