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Date of material placement: 4-04-2014, 10:56 Category: Scientific activity
Conference Great Britain in world history
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Arts (Institute of Humanities, NCFU) held an event to mark the Year of Britain in Russia (which is respectively celebrated in Great Britain). The conference theme was Great Britain in world history (organizers: Prof. Anikeev, Associate Prof. Sadchenko, and Associate Prof. Korobkina).

Date of material placement: 3-04-2014, 18:19 Category: University
InterLab Seeks Cooperation with NCFU
The North-Caucasus Federal University hosted the scientific seminar on analytical methods and devices. Together with the Institute for Life Sciences the company InterLab presented the spectrometers and microscopes (by HitachiHT, Japan, and AnalytikJena, Germany) that they supply to their customers.

Date of material placement: 3-04-2014, 18:14 Category: Student life
Winner to Get White Castle
Part of the Week of Department for Theoretical Physics held at the Institute for Mathematics and Natural Sciences was the chess contest WHITE CASTLE in memory of Lev Kaplan, former head of the department who facilitated the introduction of one of the courses – Astro-Physics.

Date of material placement: 2-04-2014, 18:22 Category: University
NCFU to Host Students from Crimea
The North-Caucasus Federal University had a prompt response to the statement released by Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev who said that the school graduates of Crimea could join the Russian Universities with no Single State Examination.

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