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Wonderland Open … Forever!

Date of material placement: 24-04-2014, 17:32.

The Theatre Studio of NCFU had its first night of Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll).

Tell me a tale, little Alice is asking her Dad, and here it is – dark gives way to some mystery light, and there is a lop-eared Rabbit and not Dad anymore, and then he disappears, too…

Children plunge into their dreams just the same way, quietly and easily, and just the same way the spectators got carried away with the bright masquerade dresses and the surreal dialogues. They seem to drag you into the hole where you see this Rabbit with his watch, and the huge flowers talking to Alice, while the mushrooms will only laugh all the time, and the Queen cutting heads left and right, and the Cheshire Cat that links all the irrational stuff into a single line.

And the final question comes like a wake-up call: And what about the Wonderland? – You can there again, but only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and it is up to you to imagine how it happens.

The audience gave the actors a huge hand, indeed, and they deserved it, even though most of them are just rookies. And the social networks were full of feedback, and, of course, the actors themselves enjoyed that a huge lot!

And the event would have never turned so bright if not for the costumes designed by Natalya Shevyakova – Art Director of Stavropol Drama Theatre, and the meaning, so delicately and finely shaped by Irina Barannikova, the leading actress of Stavropol Drama Theatre.

Early May already the Studio will take one of their glorious plays (Three Comrades by Erich Maria Remark), so we can wish them new fans, new success, and lots of new glory!

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Wonderland Open … Forever!Wonderland Open … Forever!Wonderland Open … Forever!Wonderland Open … Forever!