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Date of material placement: 23-04-2014, 17:35 Category: University
Contract with Belarus Signed
A delegation of Institute of Life Sciences visited Belarus State University (BSU, Minsk). They came back with an agreement signed between the NCFU and the BSU, which implies mutual teacher exchange to deliver lectures and training and joint research projects.

Date of material placement: 23-04-2014, 16:17 Category: Scientific activity
Hallo from Houston
One of the graduates of the Department of Geophysical Methods, Search and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, who made a stunning career came to share her experience.The quality of the training offered at the Institutes of the NCFU is well-known far beyond the region and even Russia, with many Russian and foreign companies more than willing to hire NCFU graduates. Please meet now, Lyubov Mulisheva, once a graduate of the department above-mentioned, now a representative of a leading company in the area – Schlumberger.

Date of material placement: 23-04-2014, 16:15 Category: Student life
Best Swimmers Awarded
A swimming contest held among students residing in the NCFU dormitories brought together 65 young sportsmen. The ordeal included a relay (women) 3 x 50 m; relay (men) 4 x 100; and individual sprint. The best female team, as we know now, resides in Dorm № 4, while the girls residing in Dorms № 5 and № 6 are silver and bronze winners respectively.