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Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 14:08 Category: University
Dmitry Medvedev Congratulated Alina Levitskaya on International Women’s Day
Alina Levitskaya, Rector of the North-Caucasus Federal University received a message of congratulations from Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Government.

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 14:00 Category: University
Congratulations from Alexander Khloponin
Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Chairman of Russian Government, Special Presidential Envoy to the North-Caucasus Federal District congratulated women on the International Women’s Day.

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 13:56 Category: University
Congratulations from Acting Governor Vladimir Vladimirov
Vladimir Vladimirov, Acting Governor of the Stavropol Region addressed all the women of the region and congratulated women on their International Women’s Day.

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 13:47 Category: University
Congratulations from First Pro-Rector Dmitry Sumskoy
Dear and beloved women! May this young spring bring you only joy and inspiration, and may all your dreams come true, while your hearts be filled with harmony, peace and love! I am happy to wish you lots of hope and good luck, unbelievable bright events through your life, lots of health and happiness to your families!

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 11:46 Category: University
NCFU Supported Two International Contests
Pyatigorsk hosted the International Social Poster ContestRussia – territory of peace as well as the International Contest of Painting and Graphics Russia through your eyes. The two events were initiated by the North-Caucasus Federal University and the Chief Department of Internal Affairs supported by Lev Travnev, Head of Pyatigorsk. All those willing to have a look at the picture are welcome – the events will be held for a week.

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 11:39 Category: Student life
Best Design Projects Named
The graduates of the Institute of Humanities (major – Industrial Design) have finished their final projects, and the State Attestation Commission (Head – Prof. Valery Bandorin, Dean, Faculty of Design, St. Petersburg Arts-Insudustry Academy) have named the best works.

Date of material placement: 6-03-2014, 11:31 Category: University
Meeting for Six Universities
The teachers and students of Physical Education from three federal universities (North-Caucasus; Northern /Arctic/; Siberian) as well as from the Herzen State Pedagogical University and Military Institute of Physical Education held a discussion of the Winter Olympics-2014. The special point is that the discussion was held online as a video-conference.