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Date of material placement: 21-03-2014, 15:51 Category: Scientific activity
Social Project Contest
For the purpose of developing creative activity among schoolers and college students as well as in order to encourage social project initiatives, the Institute for Education and Social Sciences is launching the Regional Stage of the Contestfor Social Projects My initiative in education (April 14-17, 2014).

Date of material placement: 14-03-2014, 15:53 Category: Student life
Guide in Zoo-Museum – Welcome
On May 15, 13:00, Room 321 (Building 3) the North-Caucasus Federal University will have an event marking the International Museum Day. The event (Guide in Zoo-Museum) will be hosted by the Zoological Museum at the Institute for Life Sciences.

Date of material placement: 13-03-2014, 16:00 Category: University
NCFU to Support Intellect Marathon
The North-Caucasus federal University hosted Prof. Vladimir Alminderov (President, International Intellect Club GLUON). This club has been functioning for over twenty years now and is very active in the area of involving disabled people into various types of activities. Together with UNESCO the Intellect Club has developed the programme for International Olympiad Intellect marathon.

Date of material placement: 13-03-2014, 15:43 Category: Student life
NCFU Starts Student Spring
The NCFU launched the Festival Student spring opened by the Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications. The future IT-specialists started being creative from the very beginning – at the entrance already there was a woman serving around buns and cakes after which everyone was welcome to the concert hall where Alexander Chipiga (Director, Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications) greeted everyone and introduced the Jury.

Date of material placement: 12-03-2014, 15:55 Category: Scientific activity
Engineers of Year Study at NCFU
Two postgraduates from the Institute for Life Sciences, NCFU have become winners at the Russian National Contest Engineer of Year – 2013. Andrey Nagdalyan and Irina Zavezenova were awarded the titles of Professional Engineer of Russia while their names were introduced into the Register of Best Engineers of our country.

Date of material placement: 11-03-2014, 15:34 Category: University
Award Comes to NCFU
Prof. Olga Lepilkina, Head of the Department for History and Theory of Journalism, and Marina Korneeva, Associate Professor, together with the Regional Scientific Library issued the 3rd Volume of works by the winners of the G. Lopatin contest History of Stavropol region. draft copy.

Date of material placement: 11-03-2014, 15:32 Category: University
Enrollment Announced
The NCFU has announced enrollment for the training courses (Training for Single State Examination) for young mothers (nationals of Russia no older than 23 as of October 1). Candidates willing to join the courses are expected to have a certificate of complete secondary education and not to be students at any institution for higher education.