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Jewelry Box Exhibition at NCFU

Date of material placement: 31-03-2014, 18:05.

Should you come to the NCFU don’t pass by the entrance hall at Building 1. IN no other place shall you see an exhibition like this one – Ethnic World in Jewelry Box, which is held to mark the Year of Culture in Russia. All the exhibits displayed here have been provided by Anzhelika Shestakova, Associate Prof., Department of Economic & Social Geography. And this collection of boxes and tiny chests offers is a truly unique view.

- Such boxes have been a common trade in Russia since ancient times, and the first ones must have been made of wood, of course. And during the times of the Russian Empire these boxes were a major source of income for more than a few people, - Anzhelika Shestakova was quoted as saying. – In the XIX century the demand was on the up, and there were many jewelry boxes supplied to the market that were made of clay, wood, stone, metal, and even bones if we talk about the Northern parts of the country.

Nowadays such jewelry boxes are manufactured in all parts of Russia, and the stuff they are made of just like their shapes vary very much.

Now, why not come and see it by yourself. You are welcome!

Centre for Ethnic Interaction, Department for Educational Activities

Jewelry Box Exhibition at NCFUJewelry Box Exhibition at NCFUJewelry Box Exhibition at NCFUJewelry Box Exhibition at NCFU