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Date of material placement: 31-03-2014, 18:13 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Scientists Present Their Achievements
The Institute for Life Sciences participated in the International Conference Biotechnology and life standard-2014 held in Moscow. Prof. Lyudmila Timchenko and Associate Prof. Igor Rzhepakovsky attended several sections including Nano-Biotechnology in Medicine, Cell Technology for Regenerative and Personalized Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Agricultural Biotechnology.

Date of material placement: 31-03-2014, 18:05 Category: Student life
Jewelry Box Exhibition at NCFU
Should you come to the NCFU don’t pass by the entrance hall at Building 1. IN no other place shall you see an exhibition like this one – Ethnic World in Jewelry Box, which is held to mark the Year of Culture in Russia. All the exhibits displayed here have been provided by Anzhelika Shestakova, Associate Prof., Department of Economic & Social Geography. And this collection of boxes and tiny chests offers is a truly unique view.