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Date of material placement: 13-03-2014, 16:00 Category: University
NCFU to Support Intellect Marathon
The North-Caucasus federal University hosted Prof. Vladimir Alminderov (President, International Intellect Club GLUON). This club has been functioning for over twenty years now and is very active in the area of involving disabled people into various types of activities. Together with UNESCO the Intellect Club has developed the programme for International Olympiad Intellect marathon.

Date of material placement: 13-03-2014, 15:43 Category: Student life
NCFU Starts Student Spring
The NCFU launched the Festival Student spring opened by the Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications. The future IT-specialists started being creative from the very beginning – at the entrance already there was a woman serving around buns and cakes after which everyone was welcome to the concert hall where Alexander Chipiga (Director, Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications) greeted everyone and introduced the Jury.