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Congratulations from Alexander Khloponin

Date of material placement: 7-03-2014, 14:00.


Congratulations from Alexander Khloponin
Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Chairman of Russian Government, Special Presidential Envoy to the North-Caucasus Federal District congratulated women on the International Women’s Day:


Dear Women,

I am happy to express you the warmest wishes on this great day – International Women’s Day!

Through generations Russian women have been known for their special features – energy, sincerity, and, which is the most important – inexhaustible love. Love to family, love to work, love to the homeland! And this love is a great force making our common success possible and bring together our huge multinational society.

Women’s wisdom has become of key importance here, in the North Caucasus, and it is the solid and balanced views of the women that have helped maintain peace and stability here even through the toughest times of our history. And this is why women are playing the determining role in the positive processes that we can see now going on in the area.

I am happy to wish you all the best things, love, happy families, as well as peace around you!


Alexander Khloponin