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Date of material placement: 19-02-2014, 10:06 Category: Student life
NCFU students at I Patriotic Forum
The NCFU students, members of the student patriotic group ISTOK joined the I Patriotic Forum of the Stavropol Region held at the Stavropol Children’s Palace. The event brought together various patriotic unions, clubs, and teams representing schools, colleges, and universities.

Date of material placement: 18-02-2014, 17:28 Category: University
Welcome to Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering
The Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering once again has held its doors open for future students.Here applicants could get to know more about engineering degrees and have personal talks with the teaching staff. Besides among the visitors were students from technical colleges and those seeking training for Master degrees.

Date of material placement: 18-02-2014, 17:24 Category: University
Physics Olympiad Winners Named
The Institute for Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the NCFU has held Olympiad for school students Physics rules the world. The event gathered schoolers from the entire Stavropol region.

Date of material placement: 18-02-2014, 17:20 Category: University
PhysTech-2014 Olympiad
The Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications(IIT&T), which is the regional site for the Olympiad PhysTech-2014 (held by the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MPTI)) is happy to welcome senior school students (11th Grade).

Date of material placement: 17-02-2014, 17:16 Category: University
Parent Meeting at School for Gifted Children
The Administration of the NCFU had a meeting with the parents of those attending the NCFU Lyceum for Gifted Children, which was held at the Assembly Hall. When delivering the opening speech First-Pro-Rector Dmitry Sumskoy said: We have a lot to be proud of. From September 1 we have been here, in the middle of the City, and the whole school is together.Many classes are held at the NCFU sites and all the students of the Lyceum have actually visited al the NCFU Institutes.

Date of material placement: 14-02-2014, 17:20 Category: University
Where to get a Degree?
The Department for Career Guidance and Olympic Contests of the NCFU has launched a new website to help school graduates make their choice about getting a degree. Just a clock on the link test-ncfu.ruwill take an applicant to the express-test, which will take no longer than 5 minutes to find out about his potential "cup of tea”.

Date of material placement: 14-02-2014, 17:17 Category: University
Welcome to NCFU!
February 22 the North-Caucasus Federal University shall open its doors to welcome potential applicants and their parents, and this time it is not an official event, yet a casual one. The event will include performances by the groups Vinil, Graffity, as well the NCFU’s dance studio Maximum, the show-group Vertical, the dance theatre Smile, and the vocal band Constellation.