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Parent Meeting at School for Gifted Children

Date of material placement: 17-02-2014, 17:16.

The Administration of the NCFU had a meeting with the parents of those attending the NCFU Lyceum for Gifted Children, which was held at the Assembly Hall.

When delivering the opening speech First-Pro-Rector Dmitry Sumskoy said:

- We have a lot to be proud of. From September 1 we have been here, in the middle of the City, and the whole school is together. Many classes are held at the NCFU sites and all the students of the Lyceum have actually visited al the NCFU Institutes. We are really proud to offer training not to students alone yet to the best ones, those who are coming to be students with us very soon, and we have got more than 220 of them. The Lyceum students join all our contests and they won the top prize in the contest that students love most – the Ice Fairy, and this is not just a single case.

The most prominent of the Lyceum students were awarded prizes and certificates, and more than a few of them came out on stage twice – they are talented indeed, in many areas.

- Through life each of us has had a chance, some chances remained missed. We have around 600,000 children in our region, and only about 200 parents paid due attention to the announcement made by our Lyceum. And these parents allowed their kids a chance to get really good training and education. Dear children, we are looking forward to seeing you among the NCFU students. Don’t miss your chance, - Head of Dept for Career Guidance and Olympic Contests, Nadezhda Palieva was quoted as saying.

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