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Date of material placement: 13-02-2014, 17:23 Category: Student life
NCFU to Master American Football
The Executive Committee of the Russian Federation for American Football held in Moscow its annual conference. The NCFU’s representatives at the event were Alexander Aleinik (Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering) and Ivan Verevkin (Leader of Student Body).

Date of material placement: 13-02-2014, 17:12 Category: University
Step Into Profession – Meet Winners!
The NCFU held the final Step Into Profession – the final tour of the Teacher of the year contest. Now all the tests, nervousness, and scores are left behind.The organizers had a surprise for the participants selecting the best ones in each of the tasks.

Date of material placement: 13-02-2014, 17:09 Category: University
PhysTech Olympiad to be held on First Day of Spring
The NCFU shall host the Mathematics and Physics Olympiad PHYSTECH. This event shall be held as an activity aiming at better education and establishing academic connections with the leading Russian universities including the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MPTI).