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Date of material placement: 4-02-2014, 17:49 Category: University
Visitor from Poland to Museum of Stavropol Journalism
Joanna Kula, Adjunct of the Wroclaw University, Poland, visited the North-Caucasus Federal University. During the visit she was invited to see the History Museum of Stavropol Journalism, where Olga Lepilkina (Head of Department for History and History of Journalism; Institute for Humanities) took her around giving a brief overview of the history.

Date of material placement: 4-02-2014, 16:55 Category: Student life
Law Students to Receive Training
The Institute for Law held a starting conference for second-year students who to undergo training within their civil-law field placement. For two weeks they will be acquiring knowledge at law agencies, with private lawyers, and public registrars thus getting to know numerous legal issues and many other the things straight from the horse’s mouth.