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Date of material placement: 27-01-2014, 18:32 Category: University
Teacher and Student of the Year!
Two representative of the Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications (NCFU) won awards at Russian national contests.

Date of material placement: 27-01-2014, 18:22 Category: University
More Winners at Olympiad
The regional stage of Russian Olympiad on Life Safety Basics for school students (9-11 grades) is over. This included both theoretical and practical tasks – tests and demonstration of skills in eliminating the effects of various accidents, acts of God, etc.

Date of material placement: 27-01-2014, 16:27 Category: University
Governor’s address to students on Students’ Day!
Dear Friends, I am sincerely happy to congratulate our students on their Day – Tatiana’s Day! You are now studying science and mastering your profession but tomorrow you are to take over the responsibility for the well-being of your homeland, of the entire country.