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Alina Levitskaya at Open Talk

Date of material placement: 23-01-2014, 14:17.

Rector of NCFU Alina Levitskaya came to the studio to join the TV-show Open Talk (TV & Radio company Stavropolye). The programme was to mark the Day of Russian Students so the focus was on the reform in higher education, new trends in the regional universities, and the achievements so far.

Together with Alina Levitskaya the studio hosted Vladimir Trukhachev (Rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University) and Valentina Muravieva (Rector of Stavropol State Medical University). On the eve of the Students’ Day the three rectors shared their memories as "… each of us has something to bring to mind – national dance group, student construction team, and even basketball team…. And all this experience enjoys demand now that we are rectors” – Alina Levitskaya was quoted as saying. Further on when answering questions the NCFU Rector pointed at the importance of cultivating students’ Russian self-identity, and also mentioned the achievements the NCFU has reached since it was established: "In the eighteen months since the three universities merged we managed to become one single family. Besides the experts involved in evaluating us noted that these issues are still underway at the federal universities that were established first – South Federal University and Siberia Federal University; and we do not experience such tensions. I believe this is the major achievement”. Also the rectors answered other questions from the host Andrey Slyadnev.

Alina Levitskaya at Open TalkAlina Levitskaya at Open TalkAlina Levitskaya at Open TalkAlina Levitskaya at Open Talk