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Date of material placement: 21-01-2014, 18:25 Category: University
47 NCFU students nominated for special scholarship
The NCFU has selected those to compete for Vladimir Potanin’s Charity Foundation Scholarship. All of them are our students studying for their Master’s degree (47 person), which is another condition within this Scholarship Programme aiming at offering support to active students. In the end of January 46 of the students will go to Rostov-on-Don to join the final stage of the contest while one more student will represent the University in Moscow (he was invited there as the winner of another contest).

Date of material placement: 21-01-2014, 15:20 Category: University
NCFU will support the Olympic Torch Relay!
January 24, Friday the Torch of the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Paralympics arrives in Stavropol and NCFU students, teachers, and even alumni will join the Relay. At 11:30 the first man of the NCFU shall take up the Torch on Dzerzhinskogo Street (Building 151, Trade Unions House) after which the University representatives shall carry the Fire along up to the Tolstogo Street crossroads.

Date of material placement: 21-01-2014, 14:15 Category: University
Congratulations to the Winners!
116 school students from all over the Stavropol Region came to the NCFU to demonstrate their knowledge in the Russian Language and compete for the high award within the III Regional Stage of the Russian National Olympiad 2013-2014.