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Date of material placement: 16-01-2014, 16:38 Category: Scientific activity
Give a Big Hand to the Winners!
The NCFU is hosting the III Regional Stage of the Russian National Olympiad for school students. January 15 art-lovers of 85 regional cities and areas came to the NCFU to show their knowledge in World Arts Culture.

Date of material placement: 16-01-2014, 16:31 Category: University
NCFU students are taking the Olympic Torch Relay
Around 300 NCFU students will join the special Olympic Torch Relay event to welcome the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Games to be held in Sochi (Russia) in less than a month. January 24, 2014 the Olympic Torch will go on a tour around Stavropol in the hands of the most outstanding Stavropolities including sportspeople, authorities, journalists, and public activists.

Date of material placement: 16-01-2014, 16:24 Category: Student life
Granny’s Joy
The Institute for Life Sciences co-organized the event Granny’s Joy held for senior citizens of our city who are staying at the regional Gerontology Centre. This year’s event was a big one indeed because everyone could join and donate gifts – school students, undergraduates, volunteers, and authorities. As a result over 350 Grannies and Grandpas got things they need in daily life.

Date of material placement: 16-01-2014, 13:47 Category: Student life
World of Animals & Plants
The Institute for Life Sciences, NCFU, is hosting the photographyexhibition World of Animals and Plants initiated by the Zoology Museum of the University. Over 100 works performed by students and teachers are on display. Besides, some NCFU applicants and alumni joined the event as well donating their works.