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Date of material placement: 31-01-2014, 09:45 Category: University
GRACE celebrated the Students’ Day in Kazan
The Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University invited our students to celebrate the event that youngsters love most – Tatyana’s Day. The dance studio GRACE (of the NCFU) with four more groups from other Russian universities attended the event.

Date of material placement: 31-01-2014, 09:32 Category: Student life
Conference on Results of Field Placement
The Department for Applied Biotechnology (Institute for Life Sciences) held a conference announcing the results of the filed placement for students. Greeting the students the staff noted that filed placement is a way to develop the skills once acquired through theory in the classroom.

Date of material placement: 31-01-2014, 09:16 Category: University
Delegation of South Federal University visiting NCFU
Despite all the snowstorms and cold a delegation of the South Federal University (SFU) came to visit the NCFU. The visitors joined the meeting of the Scientific Council of the NCFU paying special attention to the speech delivered by Ivan Evdokimov, Pro-Rector for Scientific Affairs.

Date of material placement: 30-01-2014, 17:25 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Professor – Winner at National Contest
Professor Nikolay Sudavtsov (Department for History of Russia, Institute of Humanities) has become a winner at the Russian National Contest for the best publication on the Caucasus. The contest was organized by the Russian Academy for National Economy and Public Service (at President’s Office) with 240 works submitted. The authors represented Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala, Grozny, Stavropol, and Rostov-on-Don. 44 of the contestants were awarded prizes.

Date of material placement: 30-01-2014, 17:03 Category: Student life
NCFU students tried on Police Uniform
The NCFU students joined the national campaign student troops where thousands of youngsters all over Russia could get some short-time training with law enforcement bodies to get to know their work. NCFU activists tried on the Traffic Police uniform thus contributing to the traffic safety. Despite the heavy snowfall the students went out with the policemen to prevent accidents and explain both drivers and pedestrians the dangers practicing unsafe behavior on the road. 

Date of material placement: 30-01-2014, 16:54 Category: University
Meet the Winners of Social Science Olympiad!
The Regional Stage of the Russian National Olympiad (Social Science) for school students is over. The event brought together 125 students. When delivering a welcome speech Natalya Lyubenko (Chief Expert of Ministry of Education, Stavropol Region) stressed that this contest is of special importance for those who take up humanities, legal, and economic studies.    

Date of material placement: 29-01-2014, 17:48 Category: Student life
NCFU students help children
Students majoring Customs Procedures together with the teaching staff of Department for Merchandizing and Customs Procedures (Institute for Economics and Management) held a charity event to raise funds for the Special Orphanage # 9 of Stavropol. 

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