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Date of material placement: 27-12-2013, 16:00.

The conclusion at year”s last meeting of the Scientific Council was awarding prizes to the NCFU students who successfully represented the University both in Russian and internationally.

Rectoк of the NCFU Alina Levitskaya met each of the forty winners awarding them their Certificates and Medals.

In particular the prizes were given to the students who demonstrated a high level of knowledge and competence at Open International Academic Olympics (students of History and Philology, Institute of Humanities; Nevinnomyssk Technological Institute; Institute of Law; Institute of Life Sciences, and Institute of Economics and Management).

Besides, the students of the Customs Management (NCFU Branch at the City of Pyatigorsk) got their share of awards, too, for winning 17 prizes at the International Academic Olympics on economic, finance, and management studies as well as ay Russian National Academic Olympics for National Economy.

The students of Pyatigorsk also won the regional tour at the International Student Academic Contest in Information Technologies IT-planet 2012-13 and were on the top winning the Law Olympics Battle Of Lawyers-2013. The same Branch of the NCFU can brag of being the strongest as it has the strongest girl among its students – Ksenya Shvitsova has winner at various martial arts contests.

Two teams of the Institute of Information technologies and Telecommunications were awarded for advancing into the North-East Europe semifinals of the World Championship in computer programming.

Apart from students there were also professors who got their prizes as well – Professor Olga Shatalova of Department of Economics and Management Technology (Institute of Economics and Management) for wining in a nomination at theXIIIRussian Annual Academic Olympics in National Economy development, and Natalya Trapeznikova (NCFU graduate of 2013 who is currently employed at the Department for Accounting) who took silver at the Russian contest of Graduate Final papers.

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Awards from RectorAwards from RectorAwards from RectorAwards from RectorAwards from Rector