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Date of material placement: 27-12-2013, 16:06 Category: University
New Year’s wish from NCFU Rector Alina Levitskaya
Dear Friends, these days on the New Year’s Eve we all, regardless of our age, ethnic group, and confession, experience a similar feeling – anticipation of something new, change for the better, and we all hope our dreams will come true and (always!) as the clock strikes twelve we just pick the most sacred wish – for our children, parents, friends and the dearest ones!

Date of material placement: 27-12-2013, 16:00 Category: University
Awards from Rector
The conclusion at year”s last meeting of the Scientific Council was awarding prizes to the NCFU students who successfully represented the University both in Russian and internationally. Rectoк of the NCFU Alina Levitskaya met each of the forty winners awarding them their Certificates and Medals.

Date of material placement: 27-12-2013, 15:56 Category: Student life
Christmas Performance
The North-Caucasus Federal University had its traditional Christmas performance where Director of the Institute of Humanities, Aleksey Erokhin addressed the audience first. The programme included folk and classical music performed both by professors and students of the Department of Culture and Arts Studies.