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Date of material placement: 24-12-2013, 16:29 Category: Student life
Towards the future Olympics
The student sports group Start (Faculty for Physical Education, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, NCFU) had a quest (Day of olympic records). The motto for the game was Cheer for the Russian team – Olympics, Welcome! The game was.

Date of material placement: 24-12-2013, 15:58 Category: Student life
Employers are happy to welcome NCFU graduates
The Institute of Life Sciences, NCFU, held their final conference on the results of field placement for fifth-year students (major: Biology). 18 students showed the level of professional skills they obtained at the large local companies (Federal Regional Healthcare Institution Antiplague Institute, Federal State Unitary Company Microgen, and Centre For Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy).

Date of material placement: 24-12-2013, 15:22 Category: Student life
Ice Fairy-2013 is part of the NCFU history
In sports you live bright and win fair! – these were the opening-song words at the New Year’s Show Ice Fairy. Monday, Dec 23, the Ice Arena of near Stavropol hosted about 700 people, 100 of them being participants (14 teams including five persons per each of the Institutes and dancers), and a full house of the spectators. (NCFU Administration among them as well).