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Half of all the awards are ours!

Date of material placement: 11-12-2013, 11:37.

4 Winner Certificates – this is what the North-Caucasus Federal University won at the International Festival Architecture and Art held in the South Federal University (organizer – Academy of Architecture and Art of the SFU).

12 national and international universities (from Ukraine to Australia) joined the contest where they were all assessed within three nominations – fine arts, architecture, and design with an award (Diploma) per each of the categories.

The North-Caucasus Federal University was represented by the teaching staff from the Institute of Humanities and the NCFU’s Pyatigorsk Branch. The result was outstanding – 4 out of 9 Diplomas went to the NCFU!

We are happy to congratulate Kristina Avershina (supervisor – Krylova I.N., Associate Professor); Maria Zueva (supervisor – Ivanov V.V., Associate Professor); Aminat Karakotova (supervisor – Sadanova V.N., Associate Professor), as well as Irina Chop (graduate of the Pyatigorsk Branch of the NCFU; supervisor – Kulikova V.Y.)

Well done, folks!

Institute of Humanities, NCFU

Half of all the awards are ours!Half of all the awards are ours!Half of all the awards are ours!