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Date of material placement: 12-11-2013, 16:40 Category: University
NCFU is among the winners at the 9th Asia-Pacific Conference QS-APPLE
The group from the NCFU that represented our University came back home bringing a silver star from Seoul where they joined the 9thAsia-Pacific Conference QS-APPLE. This high prize was awarded for the NCFU’s promotional brochure introducing foreign applicants to the University, its Institutes, and the activities. The QS-APPLE rating of Universities is among the most reliable and meaningful ones in the world. Being listed among the TOP-500 here means serious global acknowledgement. 

Date of material placement: 11-11-2013, 09:00 Category: Student life
The third is not given
The Institute of Humanities hosted the finals of the first contest by the NCFU Discussion Club Point of view. Alexander Voikov, the initiator and the host of the contest, started his speech giving an interesting fact – the organizers had had a long discussion as to how many teams should join the debate. This number was varying from 12 to 14 yet finally 18 teams came to compete! Only the strongest teams scoring most points had advanced to the semi-finals.

Date of material placement: 7-11-2013, 16:57 Category: University
Festival NCFU: Home to friendship. Trade fair of north Caucasus
The North-Caucasus Federal University is still hosting the Festival of North-Caucasus cultures NCFU: Home to friendship. Trade fair of north Caucasus. If you come to Building 1 of the NCFU you will see many exhibits displayed here – cutting boards, hand-made toys, various accessories, crockery, pictures (both painted and embroidered).

Date of material placement: 5-11-2013, 16:33 Category: University
Students of the North Caucasus: today and tomorrow
The North-Caucasus Federal University is hosting the Conference Students of the North Caucasus: today and tomorrow with an audience of over 300 students representing all the institutes of the NCFU. The first speech was delivered by Rector Alina Levitskaya who talked about the national security theory, which is an important issue nowadays.

Date of material placement: 1-11-2013, 19:06 Category: University, main news
Alexander Khloponin had a meeting with students
The North-Caucasus Federal University hosted Deputy Prime Minister – Presidential Envoy to the North Caucasus Alexander Khloponin and acting Governor of the Stavropol Region Vladimir Vladimirov. After a meeting with Rector of the NCFU Alina Levitskaya the two guests followed to the Assembly Hall to answer questions coming from the student body.

Date of material placement: 1-11-2013, 16:53 Category: Student life
Sports Tradition at NCFU – GO!
The North-Caucasus Federal University held the sport contest FRESHMAN’ CUP-2013. Around a thousand of students who first came here in September were representing their institutes in six sports. The winners got their cups, medals and certificates while the audience got lots of positive emotions.