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Date of material placement: 8-07-2013, 12:59 Category: Student life
Graduates of Institute of Oil and Gas of NCFU
19 diplomas with honors were handed over to the graduates of Institute of Oil and Gas by First Pro-Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University Dmitri Sumskoy. Other 170 documents on higher education were given to young men and girls by the Director of the institute Sergei Beketov together with the heads of chairs. Dmitri Sumskoy has advised the graduates to remember their studentship and appreciate their friends whom they have found at the university, to communicate oftener with groupmates on professional subjects

Date of material placement: 8-07-2013, 10:29 Category: University
The agreement with Election committee of Stavropol region is signed
North-Caucasus Federal University witnessed the meeting between the Rector of NCFU, Alina Levitskaya and the Chairman of the Election committee of Stavropol region, Eugene Demyanov. The purpose of the meeting was to sign the cooperation agreement. First Pro-Rector of NCFU Dmitri Sumskoy, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs Valentin Shipulin, Director of Institute of Law Dmitri Smirnov, the Head of Department for Complementary Education and Refreshment In-Service Training Natalya Fedotova and the Head of Department for