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Date of material placement: 5-07-2013, 17:40 Category: University
Doors are open for you here
If a theater begins with a cloakroom, an institution of higher education – with an admission board. A young man makes a decision what educational institution to study at. And the first impression is not just important, it can be decisive.

Date of material placement: 5-07-2013, 17:33 Category: Student life
Handball team of NCFU is in the top five in the European championship
The handball team of North-Caucasus Federal University showed excellent results in the European handball championship among institutions of higher education that took place in Katowice (Poland). Young sportswomen from Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, France, Poland and other states took part in the competition. Totally 12 women’s teams represented their countries.

Date of material placement: 5-07-2013, 12:44 Category: University
NCFU prepares for state accreditation
Seminar "Accreditation of an institution of higher education: new legislation, new conditions, new technology” took place at North-Caucasus Federal University. It was held by the staff of educational consulting center of National center of public and professional accreditation (city of Yoshkar-Ola) for the heads of all departments of the university who are responsible for educational process. The purpose of the seminar is to prepare NCFU for the procedure of state accreditation which will begin this autumn.