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Date of material placement: 18-06-2013, 17:49 Category: University
Responsibility for a Word
Classes of the International Summer School "Work of Journalists under Conditions of a Multicultural Environment” began at North-Caucasus Federal University. The school will work for three days. The organizer of the event is the Chair of Mass Media of the Institute of Humanities.

Date of material placement: 18-06-2013, 17:39 Category: University
Awards for the Best
North-Caucasus Federal University witnessed the awarding ceremony of prize-winners and winners of the Olympics at NCFU among pupils of secondary educational institutions of Stavropol region. The head of Department for Career Guidance and Academic Olympics Tatyana Poshtareva opened the event: "Dear children! You checked your knowledge and skills in four subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Information Science. And today well-deserved rewards are waiting for you!”

Date of material placement: 18-06-2013, 17:32 Category: University
Professors and Associate Professors Learn Again
Transition to a new level of training of specialists according to the requirements of Bologna Convention defined growth of international competitiveness of the European system of higher education, joint work in ensuring education quality:  development of comparable criteria and strategies, development of curricula, joint training programs, cooperation between institutions.

Date of material placement: 18-06-2013, 15:43 Category: Scientific activity
New Laboratory of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering
At the beginning of the year the new scientific educational laboratory opened at Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering of NCFU. The interdivisional laboratory of comprehensive analyses, materials, constructions and mechanisms is founded on the technical and program basis of the American company "National Instruments”. Equipment of the laboratory became possible because the university won the grant of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation.