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Date of material placement: 28-05-2013, 15:41 Category: Scientific activity
Trip to Norway: friendship!
The delegation of Institute of Oil and Gas of North-Caucasus Federal University came back from a business trip to Norway. The delegation included the Director of the Institute Sergei Beketov, the Deputy Director for Strategic Development Anatoly Kosyak, the Head of Chair of Technology of Oil Processing and Industrial Ecology Sergei Ovcharov and the Specialist of Department for International Cooperation Vladislav Babayants.

Date of material placement: 28-05-2013, 15:28 Category: University
“Romeo and Juliet” through the centuries
Stavropol Regional Drama Theater named after M.Yu. Lermontov witnessed "Romeo and Juliet” musical based on W. Shakespeare’s play. Students of NCFU staged it in 2008 for the first time. However every time actors walk out on the stage, the hall is full, there is tremendous ovation and interest in the musical grows constantly. Date of establishment of North-Caucasus Federal University which is celebrated on May 28 became a good reason to please the audience with the performance one more time.

Date of material placement: 28-05-2013, 15:17 Category: Scientific activity
Our Lawyers in Strasbourg Court of Human Rights
Two teachers of Institute of Law of NCFU took part in the programme of research and practice seminars which were held in Strasbourg, France. This city is also the capital of institutes of the Council of Europe and it is known to each lawyer, first of all, as the headquarters of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Date of material placement: 28-05-2013, 12:28 Category: Scientific activity
Stockholm – Place of Meeting of Journalism Teachers
The leading scientists, teachers of journalism of the Russian largest universities made an educational visit to Stockholm. That meeting was organized by Fojo Media Institute with financial support of IREX. The Russian delegation included the head of Chair of History and Theory of Journalism of NCFU, Professor Olga Lepilkina.