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Date of material placement: 27-05-2013, 14:51 Category: Student life
Winners of Spring
The students of North-Caucasus Federal University returned from the All-Russian festival called "The Russian Student Spring-2013”. They brought not only a lot of positive emotions from Ulyanovsk, but also three awards. The regional programme of the delegation from Stavropol region consisting of NCFU representatives 80 percent was recognized as one of the best in the country and took the second place of honour. Two creative teams of the university, "Vertical” circus art studio and "Extreme” sport dance studio

Date of material placement: 27-05-2013, 14:33 Category: Student life
Cheerleading Tournament at NCFU
The final of "Big Fan Cup” project, competition among cheerleading teams of the institutes took place in the gym of North-Caucasus Federal University. Student Council led by the head of the centre of student government, Elena Sonina was the organizer and curator of the event. Competitions among cheerleaders began in February, this year and there were several stages. There was a special award for the winner – trip to Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Results of the competition were announced last Friday.