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Congratulation on the Victory Day

Date of material placement: 8-05-2013, 12:19.

Congratulation on the Victory DayDear colleagues, teachers, students,

employees of North-Caucasus Federal University!

I congratulate you on the holiday of the Great Victory! There is no any other date in our country that could unite people of all generations and all nationalities because there is no such a family, such a surname in Russia which was not connected with the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 through one human life. The war left its trace, the light of this Victory lives in heart of each of us.

We meet less and less veterans of the Great Patriotic War on May 9. Unfortunately they pass away… We are sad because we understand there will be a day when young people won’t be able to bow reverently their heads before live winner soldiers as a sign of the deepest respect and everlasting gratitude for their heroism. They gained freedom of our Motherland with their blood and sweat! They raised the country from the ruins and created the powerful state! Thanks to them we work, study, make plans, love, dream, create, we enjoy life today! Hats off to our fathers and grandfathers!

Now we, our generations, are responsible for our Motherland! It is our burden – such heavy, such responsible, but such noble! We shall be worthy citizens, we shall be grateful successors of our nation’s history. We have no right to forget the cost of our happiness to live! Each of us shall pass on this sacred reverent memory to the next generations. While this memory is alive, our beautiful, great, invincible Russia will live!

Rector of NCFU

Alina Levitskaya