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International scientific school

Date of material placement: 5-04-2013, 12:26.
In Levico-Terme (Italy) there was VII winter optoelectronics and photonics school which professors, postgraduate students and masters from Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and other countries took part in. North-Caucasus Federal University was the only representative from Russia.  

The presented poster report on the subject of "Photogeneration of electric charges in silicon crystals for the purposes of solar power” aroused much interest among listeners of the school.

The Head of the Chair of Physics and Electronics of Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nano-technologies D.P. Valyukhov and the fourth-year student of EMB-091 group M. Kultygin participated in work of the school.

Besides, in the Department for Physics of University of Trento D.P. Valyukhov presented the information about NCFU, directions of work, scientific schools of Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nano-technologies. The management of the department hoped for the possibility of further cooperation with NCFU in scientific activities and academic affairs.

 International scientific schoolInternational scientific schoolInternational scientific school