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Date of material placement: 5-04-2013, 17:38 Category: Scientific activity
What is the state wealth?
The First All-Russian research and practice conference "Modernization Mechanisms of Economy and Financial Policy of the Russian Federation” started its work in the scientific library of North-Caucasus Federal University. NCFU Institute of Economics and Management was its organizer.

Date of material placement: 5-04-2013, 16:20 Category: Scientific activity
University science for the region
In the morning of April 5 there were a lot of people in the foyer before the conference hall of NCFU building No. 1. Holiday-dressed respectable people gathered near the exhibition of the scientific monographs by the university’s scientists. They exchanged views on those works, discussed eternal subjects for teachers, such as how to stimulate students’ desire to study and ways of their engagement in research work.

Date of material placement: 5-04-2013, 12:26 Category: Scientific activity
International scientific school
In Levico-Terme (Italy) there was VII winter optoelectronics and photonics school which professors, postgraduate students and masters from Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and other countries took part in. North-Caucasus Federal University was the only representative from Russia.