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Person of the month: Arsenius Konovalov

Date of material placement: 22-02-2013, 09:32.

Person of the month: Arsenius Konovalov We continue telling you about interesting and outstanding people of NCFU. The guests of our column "Person of the month" were leaders of student government, scholarship holder of Stavropol Governor and the Government of the Russian Federation, students who successfully combine study and public and scientific activities.

Today we want to introduce you the person who made famous not only our university but the whole region. Arsenius Konovalov – the fifth-year student of Institute of Humanities, Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Cross-Cultural Communication, "Journalism" speciality, champion and repeated prize winner of national karate championships. At the end of January he, as a member of Stavropol region team, participated in the Russian Karate Cup and took the first place.

- Arsenius, tell us in detail about your participation in the Russian Cup.

- Cup tournament took place in Moscow, in Troitsk district, and for the first time Stavropol athletes won that cup. More than 500 athletes participated in the competition. 8 fighters represented our region. They won 15 medals, 6 of them are gold. It was qualifying round for the world championship in Japan. I have qualified and in August, as a member of the Russian team, will fly to Japan. Due to such successful results shown by Stavropol team one took decision to held next Russian Cup 2015 in Stavropol.

- What have you done to achieve such outstanding results?

- Victory is gained not at a competition, but at training. Potential winner can be defined at the training stage, though piece of luck is also important. Many things depend on your opponent: I left myself open and took a kick. One more thing is state of mind. I know from my own experience, when you go to a competition with a bid for victory, you are sure of your success for one hundred per cent, you will always lose! You need to relax and show everything you have gained as much as possible. It is more difficult for a winner than for others, because he spends more efforts for training. However, if you have been training much more and harder than earlier, it is already your achievement.

- How did you connect your life with sport?

- First of all one needs to be a member of Stavropol team to take part in this Championship. Qualifying round is held at the local competitions. I have been obtaining this result all my conscious life, because I do some karate as long as I can remember. My father is a coach and since early childhood I have been going to karate without a right of choice. Certainly, I thank my father today.

If we talk about this competition, I think I am very lucky. My contribution to this victory is minimal. The major contribution is coaches’ work, Andrei Konovalov and Timur Sakhuadze, partners, all team. I thank all of them!

- What is the most difficult in preparation for competition?

- It is difficult to manage your desire. Nobody can become Van Damme for a month, but everybody wants everything and at once. 70% of sportsman’s experience does not depend on muscles and flexibility. It depends on ability to note your stepwise and slow progress.

- Who is your example to follow?

- I like Ivan Urgant. I think he is unique professional. Person’s professionalism can be estimated depending on his ability to work. We see natural talent in his case. It is difficult to prepare four informative and competitive programmes per week, Talent is not the only important thing. Moreover he is not only a host, but also a producer. Main examples for me are my parents, who face very difficult situations in life, when one is ready to give up, but they were always and still remain very honest, merciful and purposeful people.

- Do you have anything else in your life except sports?

- This year I am graduating from the university. Certainly, it is difficult to combine sports and studies. Lessons begin at 8:15, and it is not desirable to do morning jogging and training so early, at 6 or 7 o’clock. Organism shall awake. I have time for everything. Except sports and studies I participate in KVN and work at radio. Somebody says that one needs to concentrate on one thing and not to squander one's energies to gain victory. But such life is comfortable for me. All things balance each other. But frankly speaking, I did not learn to have a good sleep.

Sport is health for me. Health not only physical and spiritual. It is health of the nation… It should seem to be commonplace word combination, but necessary for all of us. I train with strong, intelligent, honest guys. They have sound minds. Somebody can treat such words as pretentious. But I think sports can be important in search of common national and unifying idea of our state.

Arsenius will take part in the International Martial Arts Olympics in Saint-Petersburg and World Championship in Japan. However his main plan for the nearest future is to get the diploma and enter the Master’s programme.

Person of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius KonovalovPerson of the month: Arsenius Konovalov