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Congratulation on Motherland Defender’s Day!

Date of material placement: 22-02-2013, 09:48.

Dear men of North-Caucasus Federal University, Administration and staff of North-Caucasus Federal University congratulates you on Motherland Defender’s Day!

Service to the Motherland and patriotism was always the statehood basis of the Russian Federation. This holiday is very important for every citizen of Russia and it is the symbol of courage, nobleness, honour and love to the Motherland. To protect tranquility and provide safety of the Motherland in arms or to work peacefully for the benefit of the Motherland is equally important and honourable for all citizens of our country!

At all times peace, tranquility and stability was the most important in our life. It stands to reason that Motherland Defender’s Day has rich and glorious history. That is why we shall keep centuries-old traditions, increase strength and power of our country, foster patriotism and interest of younger generation in the Russian army, history and development of the state.

Motherland Defender’s Day is the holiday of strong and courageous people, holiday of those, who devoted themselves to the honest and faithful service of Russia, who give their strength and knowledge, energy and talent to its prosperity, all those who are always ready to fulfill their obligations to the Motherland!

Let us wish you well-being, peace, reliable family, success in your service for the benefit of our Motherland’s power and prosperity strengthening!

Administration of North-Caucasus Federal University