Date of material placement: 21-02-2013, 17:41.

On February 11 the guest from France – Director of Higher School of Engineering Technology of University of Lorraine, Arnaud Bernard Jacques Delebarre started his working visit to North-Caucasus Federal University. NCFU was represented by Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs and Development Aleksandr Karkishchenko, Director of Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications Aleksandr Chipiga, Director of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering Andrei Bratsikhin, Director of Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nano-technologies Yuri Kononov, Chief of Department for International Cooperation Lyudmila Aliyeva.

Arnaud Delebarre described the educational process organization at his university in detail, which had been also recently established as a result of merging of four higher education institutions. He told about programmes and fields of studying at the Bachelor and Master’s programmes, organization of practice and cooperation with companies – potential employers for alumni. He paid his special attention to peculiarities of international student exchange, living conditions in campus, tuition fee and opportunities to earn some money without leaving the main activity, speciality acquisition. Special subjects of discussion were as follows: forms and methods of state regulation of educational institutions activity, methods of financial replenishment at the university. The discussion was in English.

Having heard the explanations of Director of Higher School of Engineering Technology, A.N. Karkishchenko remembered that several years ago he had carefully considered the structure of the educational process at Sorbonne, how after leaving France he had been still trying to know much more about the issue with the help of the Internet and the French colleagues. But he was not able to do it completely. "One needs to have clear thinking of an engineer to build such a simple and effective model of knowledge acquisition, like one which you have described", he told Arnaud Delebarre.

Representatives of NCFU also introduced the structure of the educational institution to the guest, described the orientation of each of 11 institutes. Today meeting will continue and the French scientist will be able to visit laboratories and classrooms of the institutes, which are close to the sphere of interests of Higher School of Engineering Technology. 

Arnaud Delebarre said that his visit was connected with the search for partners in Russia to organize student exchange. In the French guest’s opinion North-Caucasus Federal University allows capability of fruitful cooperation in this field, which would increase the value of alumni from both universities for prospective employers.

Department for Information and Public Relations 

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