Hello, the USA

Date of material placement: 1-02-2013, 15:38.

On February 1 teachers and students-journalists of Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Cross-cultural Communication of Institute of Humanities of North-Caucasus Federal University met with their colleague, who had recently obtained the diploma of NCFU and was working as a correspondent of the Russian service of "Voice of America", A. Avetisyan. The girl, having finished four courses in Stavropol, continued her studies in the USA, then she returned to finish her studies at home.

Anush told about the differences between the American and domestic educational systems, peculiarities of life and work of "news creator" over the sea. The speech attracted both teachers and students’ interest. A. Avetisyan answered a lot of questions: from the cost of course at universities of the United States to organization of broadcasting at different levels, from channel of a college to reports on political life of a country by federal state companies.

The dialogue, which was organized by Chair of History and Theory of Journalism, was not only interesting, but also useful from a professional point of view, because Anush, despite her youth, had already become a winner of several American journalistic awards.

Department for Information and Public Relations 

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