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Date of material placement: 25-02-2013, 09:50 Category: Student life, main news
Institute of Oil and Gas is the winner of Rector Men’s Basketball Cup!
Rector’s Basketball Cup among men's teams of institutes of North-Caucasus Federal University is completed. Four finals were held on the decisive fifth day of the competition.

Date of material placement: 22-02-2013, 09:48 Category: University
Congratulation on Motherland Defender’s Day!
Dear men of North-Caucasus Federal University, Administration and staff of North-Caucasus Federal University congratulates you on Motherland Defender’s Day! Service to the Motherland and patriotism was always the statehood basis of the Russian Federation.

Date of material placement: 22-02-2013, 09:32 Category: Student life
Person of the month: Arsenius Konovalov
  Today we want to introduce you the person who made famous not only our university but the whole region. Arsenius Konovalov – the fifth-year student of Institute of Humanities , Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Cross-Cultural Communication, "Journalism" speciality, champion and repeated prize winner of national karate championships. At the end of January he, as a member of Stavropol region team, participated in the Russian Karate Cup and took the first place.

Date of material placement: 21-02-2013, 17:41 Category: Scientific activity
On February 11 the guest from France – Director of Higher School of Engineering Technology of University of Lorraine, Arnaud Bernard Jacques Delebarre started his working visit to North-Caucasus Federal University. NCFU was represented by Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs and Development Aleksandr Karkishchenko, Director of Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications Aleksandr Chipiga, Director of Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering Andrei Bratsikhin, Director of Institute of

Date of material placement: 18-02-2013, 14:19 Category: University
Meeting of Supervisory Board of North-Caucasus Federal University
Regular meeting of Supervisory Board of North-Caucasus Federal University was held in Pyatigorsk under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in North-Caucasus Federal District Aleksandr Khloponin.

Date of material placement: 18-02-2013, 14:07 Category: Scientific activity
Seminar of the European School EU Study Weeks
Winter seminar of the European School EU Study Weeks took place on February 8-10, 2013 in Volgograd. The European schools are annual educational seminars which are held for active, creative, successful students and postgraduate students who know English well and are interested in international relations.

Date of material placement: 18-02-2013, 09:29 Category: Scientific activity
ESSTIN (France) – ICTE of NCFU: «Let’s prepare engineers of the future together»
Director of Higher Engineering College of Science and Technology ESSTIN under University of Lorraine (France), Arnaud Delebarre made business visit to Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering. Visit of Mr. Delebarre was connected with formation of partner relations between technical institutes of NCFU.

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