Well-deserved rewards

Date of material placement: 31-01-2013, 14:47.

NCFU Academic Board meeting took place on January 31, which according to the existing tradition started with the awarding ceremony of teachers, postgraduate students and employees of the university for their achievements in educational, scientific and other kinds of activity. 

Associate Professor of Chair of Physical Geography and Landscape Science of Institute of Natural Sciences, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Science, Boris Leonidovich Gadzevich was awarded III degree Medal for Valorous Labour.

Nikita Novik was awarded personal scholarship named after A.A. Sobchak for outstanding achievements in science. There are only 10 such scholarships in the country.

Third-year postgraduate student of Aleksei Stukalov was awarded personal scholarship named after V.A. Tumanov. Only 10 postgraduate students are awarded such scholarships in Russia.

A group of our postgraduate students, participants of All-Russian competition of the best foodstuff, food raw materials and innovative developments, which took place in Volgograd, was awarded top prizes. Postgraduate student of Institute of Life Sciences, Paul Lavrenyuk won a gold medal and a diploma. At the same competition silver medal and diploma was awarded to postgraduate student of the same institute, Marina Skorokhodova.

The Head of Centre of Interethnic Cooperation of University Students, Associate Professor of Chair of "History of Russia", Edward Vyacheslavovich Kempinski received a letter of appreciation of the Director of Stavropol State Historical Cultural Reserve Museum named after G.N. Prozritelev and G.K. Prave.

After awarding ceremony the Academic Board congratulated all those, who had celebrated their birthdays in January. Then the Academic Board continued its normal work.

Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University, Alina Afakoyevna Levitskaya presented rewards and congratulated all heroes of the occasion.


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