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Person of the month. Tatyana Maleyeva

Date of material placement: 25-01-2013, 09:04.

There are many beautiful, clever, active and single-minded girls at North-Caucasus Federal University. One of them is Tatyana Maleyevathe fifth-year student of Institute of Oil and Gas. Tatyana is a twice scholarship holder of Stavropol governor. For two consecutive years she became a scholarship holder of the Government of the Russian Federation. Last year Tanya won the first place at the international competition of essays on philosophy: "The institution of family and marriage through the eyes of young people". Since the first course the girl has only excellent marks in all subjects. In addition, her student life is active, she participates practically in all events that take place at NCFU: KVN, "Student Spring", acts of charity to help orphans and many other things. And Tatyana's Day for her is like the second birthday. Friends, acquaintances, relatives and family members always congratulate her on the name day. We asked our heroine to tell about herself briefly. And she agreed for the interview with pleasure. 

- What sciences do you like more? Why did prospective oil and gas worker suddenly begin to philosophize?

- I like chemistry, physics, mathematics very much, and won the first prize in philosophy ... Very unexpectedly. Though it was also very interesting to interview, look through the literature, periodicals of the previous years and modern printed media. 

- What helps to achieve such progress in your studies?

- My credo: "If you do something, you should do it well”. While studying at school I chose my future profession. I realized that preparation at school would not be enough to enter the chosen university. That is why I went to study at the Lyceum-boarding school for gifted children of Stavropol region (that time under NCSTU). To enter that lyceum I should take real entrance exams, which I had been preparing for during summer time. 

- Was it difficult to study?

- At first it was, and then I got accustomed. But they say, "Train hard – fight easy”. I had been already prepared to study at the university, Moreover, I wanted to get the chosen profession, to know all the details of the oil and gas engineering. At this moment I'm working on graduation project on the theme "Peculiarities of technology of associated gas injection into an underground gas storage”. Many people say that the profession of a gas worker is not for a woman, but I know for sure - there is no work for a woman or for a man. One needs to be engaged in what he likes and does not look for something easier. 

- Is student time the best indeed?

- Yes. When I was the first-year student I liked to look at active and talented senior students. I also wanted to be engaged into public activity, participate in contests. For the first months of study at the university I met students, who were members of student government, and joined their team. We began to communicate, to think something together, to organize acts of charity to help children's homes and medical institutions, to go camping, to hold "rope courses", quests, KVN, to call everyone for  healthy lifestyle and more other things. It is very interesting. Till the last course I was the chairman of Student Council of my faculty (now Institute). I think those students, who are engaged only into their studies at the university and nothing else, lose a lot. When you are an activist or a dancer in the student ensemble or engaged into science, then you obtain a lot of friends and like-minded persons, accumulate experience, eventually you just get positive emotions and joyful impressions. It is obligatory for all young people to get higher professional education. Because any university is not only the formation of some knowledge. Here children are taught to communicate, think, express their opinion, work independently, achieve goals. All these skills will be simply necessary in life. 

- How much does a name mean for a person?

- My name really helps me, probably has some karma. By the way, all Tatyana, whom I know, are very similar to me by nature. I think they are calm people, engaged into public activity and do not like to conflict with people. In addition, I cannot and do not like to refuse people, I can even forget about myself putting off my plans to help someone. 

- What are your plans for the future?
- Everything is very simple: work according to the speciality (development and exploitation of oil and gas fields), a close-knit family, a house full of children's laughter, family and friends next to me. O
f course, Tatyana's Day will remain among my favorite holidays.

Person of the month. Tatyana MaleyevaPerson of the month. Tatyana MaleyevaPerson of the month. Tatyana Maleyeva