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Congratulation of NCFU Rector on Russian Students' Day

Date of material placement: 24-01-2013, 17:37.

Congratulation of NCFU Rector on Russian Students' Day Dear colleagues, teachers, dear students!

There is a holiday at all universities, academies, institutes of our country on January 25, Tatyana's Day. This day we have particularly sharp feeling that both students and teaching staff and all employees of our university are not only a professionally associated community, but, first of all, we are a big, friendly, large family. That's why I think each institution of higher education celebrates this holiday in a special, its own way, and it is clear: there are no absolutely similar families in the world!

We celebrate this holiday at NCFU for the first time. Our university is the youngest one in Russia, and we are just establishing traditions of our family celebration of Students' Day. I want the theme of university holidays, including Students' Day, could sound properly in a huge hard work of creating a new federal university as a main university in the North Caucasus, as a powerful key center of Russia's geopolitical influence in this region through the development of educational, scientific, cultural, intellectual potential, as an expert platform for intercultural dialogues in a multiethnic society both in the region and the neighboring countries, as a real factor of strengthening a national role of the Russian language and the Russian culture, as the institution of formation of the Russian civil identity, patriotic education, general cultural competence, legal consciousness, in other words, in this huge, many-sided, multifaceted activity.

On holidays it is usual to address congratulations and wishes to each other. My wish is in verse. But before this poem by Irina Snegova will sound, a few more words are in prose.

Dear children, students, you probably do not think that it is you who define the historical fortunes of universities. It is your indefatigable energy and hunger for knowledge, indomitable thirst to open something new, unknown, desire to bring something unique, beautiful, our own in this world, which is not created by us, makes us, your teachers, develop constantly! And the more you are creative, the more intellectual energy you have, the better it is for the innovation development of the university.

And now my wish is:

Do not sleep too long. Get up at once!
With the first tram, the first bird song.
Get up early! Drink strong coffee.
Do brickwork and modeling with the Sun,
Forming, painting - creation of the world.
Get up early! If it’s stuffy or dampy,
Frost or heat - get up. Much to do!
Work! Enthusiastically and strictly.
Whole day. Day long. It is not forever.
Work! And leave the evening for your friends.
Evening with stars and snowstorm
For everything you want – for boredom or for fun ...
But if the day was difficult, and doubts
Threw you like a ball around an arena,
And you faced gloating failures,

Flickering like frames in a film
And evening does not bring you any change, -
Go to sleep. As early as possible.
Go to sleep. You want a book? Okay.
Somebody’s life? You know, there are so many problems.
Go to bed. Things will settle one way or another. Indeed.
I'll ask to keep silence in the hostel.
At the door I’ll stand. Right here. Behind it.
Sh-sh! Enough. Sleep. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.
Get up early! Get up at once!
And start creation of the world!


NCFU Rector, Alina Levitskaya