Date of material placement: 18-01-2013, 15:54.

On January 18 the Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University, Alina Afakoyevna Levitskaya introduced the new director to the teaching staff of Institute of Oil and Gas. The new director is Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Sergei Borisovich Beketov. He began his career in Stavropolgas Production Department as a Geologist. Then he worked as a Senior Researcher, Head of SevKavNIPIgaz  laboratory, held position of Chief Geologist – Head of Geology and Drilling Department of LLC "Kavkaztransgaz”. In 2002 Sergei Borisovich defended candidate’s dissertation and four years later – doctoral dissertation.

In recent years, he led CJSC "Gaztekhnologiya". At the same time Sergei Borisovich was Professor of Chair of Geophysical Methods, Search and Exploration of Mineral Deposits of NCSTU and then NCFU.

The Rector thanked the former director of Institute of Oil and Gas, Candidate of Engineering, Yuri Aleksandrovich Pulya for his work. He will continue his research and teaching activity at Chair of Oil and Gas Engineering.