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Date of material placement: 31-01-2013, 14:47 Category: Scientific activity
Well-deserved rewards
NCFU Academic Board meeting took place on January 31, which according to the existing tradition started with the awarding ceremony of teachers, postgraduate students and employees of the university for their achievements in educational, scientific and other kinds of activity.

Date of material placement: 25-01-2013, 12:29 Category: Student life
Russian Students' Day at NCFU
Russian Students' Day was joyously and noisily celebrated at North-Caucasus Federal University. The celebration program was very rich. "Tatyana's Day – we are too lazy to study!" – under this motto student festival was held in the Victory Park of the regional center, organized by Youth Department of Stavropol Administration, "Springboard" youth initiatives center and the patriotic education center of city youth.

Date of material placement: 25-01-2013, 09:04 Category: Student life
Person of the month. Tatyana Maleyeva
 There are many beautiful, clever, active and single-minded girls at North-Caucasus Federal University. One of them is Tatyana Maleyeva, the fifth-year student of Institute of Oil and Gas. Tatyana is a twice scholarship holder of Stavropol governor. For two consecutive years she became a scholarship holder of the Government of the Russian Federation. Last year Tanya won the first place at the international competition of essays on philosophy: "The institution of family and marriage through the eyes of young

Date of material placement: 24-01-2013, 17:37 Category: University
Congratulation of NCFU Rector on Russian Students' Day
Dear colleagues, teachers, dear students! There is a holiday at all universities, academies, institutes of our country on January 25, Tatyana Day. This day we have particularly sharp feeling that both students and teaching staff and all employees of our university – it is not only a professionally associated community, but, first of all, it is a big, friendly, large family. That's why this holiday, as I think, is different in that each institution of higher education celebrates it in a special, its own way, and it

Date of material placement: 23-01-2013, 15:24 Category: University
Meeting in English
Meeting of teachers and students of Faculty of Physical Culture of Institute of Pedagogics and representatives of Federation of gymnastic kinds of sports of Great Britain took place in Scientific Library of North-Caucasus Federal University. The Head of Physical Culture and Sports Department of Stavropol Administration, Aleksei Kryzhanovski, Honoured Coach of the USSR and the Russian Federation, the President of Federation of Trampolining of Stavropol region, Basil Skakun, Director of Institute of Pedagogics,

Date of material placement: 18-01-2013, 15:54 Category: University
On January 18 the Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University, Alina Afakoyevna Levitskaya introduced the new director to the teaching staff of Institute of Oil and Gas. The new director is Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Sergei Borisovich Beketov. He began his career in Stavropolgas Production Department as a Geologist. Then he worked as a Senior Researcher, Head of SevKavNIPIgaz  laboratory, held position of Chief Geologist – Head of Geology and Drilling Department of LLC "Kavkaztransgaz”. In 2002 Sergei