Date of material placement: 18-09-2019, 10:22 Category: Student life
Master in Hygienic Design – now it is real true!
North-Caucasus Federal University (NCFU, RU) has become the first institution in the world to offer training with a Master programme in Hygienic Engineering and Design, which aims support of the European Hygienic and Design Group (EHEDG - especially the Macedonian (prof. Vladimir Kakurinov) and Russian (prof. Andrey Bratsikhin) regional sections! 

Date of material placement: 3-04-2020, 12:34 Category: Student life, University
April 6, 2020, NCFU Resumes E-Learning
Subject to Russian President’s Decree of 02/04/2020 #239, and Decree by Ministry of Education & Science of 02/04/2020 #545, from April 6 on North-Caucasus Federal University is resuming E-learning for students.

Date of material placement: 2-04-2020, 10:57 Category: University
NCFU Launches Free Foreign Language Courses
For the period of self-isolation, NCFU is offering schoolers, students and everyone a chance to improve their foreign language skills. Volunteers representing NCFU Assistance Center for COVID-19 Prevention have arranged foreign language online-clubs – a project that enjoys special support from the regional Government. NCFU students who have a proper command of English and French, have joined effort to deliver free and open webinars. Over 600 people joined the project as the audience in the first days, coming from

Date of material placement: 30-03-2020, 11:09 Category: Scientific activity
NCFU Chemists Start Developing Antiviral Drugs
NCFU Chemists (Head of team – Prof. Alexander Aksenov) are currently working on synthesizing new substances similar to nitrogenous bases of nucleic acids, expecting these compounds to be an effective tool fighting viruses.

Date of material placement: 27-03-2020, 17:49 Category: University
NCFU Rector’s Address
Dear Colleagues, Teachers and Students of NCFU, The next week has been announced off work in our country, and the decision has been made due to the coronavirus epidemic. Let us stay united and understand that this is a common issue.

Date of material placement: 27-03-2020, 13:43 Category: Student life, University
NCFU Launches Assistance Center for COVID-19 Prevention
An Assistance Center for COVID-19 Prevention has been launched at NCFU, which embraces four major activity areas – Support to Senior Citizens; Digital Volunteering; Academic Volunteering; Medical Volunteering.

Date of material placement: 25-03-2020, 17:13 Category: University
NCFU Joins Top Ten Popular Classical Universities
North-Caucasus Federal University has improved its rating in the list of Russia’s most popular universities. This has been the 5th rating made by the Social Navigator project (International Informational Agency RUSSIA TODAY).

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